We believe in a shared understanding of Health and Safety and need all who work with us to be aware of our collective moral duty to contribute in creating a positive Health and Safety culture. On every project we encourage and promote a positive awareness of safe practises and need everyone to comply with the necessary procedures, identify and communicate any risks, act responsibly and work with others to be vigilant in their surroundings. Carelessness or negligence resulting in someone being injured at work could impact on an individual being held responsible leading to liability and the risk of prosecution.


We ask everyone to comply with relevant statutory provisions at all times.


We take Health and Safety very seriously and understand our duty of care to those we work with and anyone else that may be impacted by the work that we do.


‘Risk Assessment Requirements’.


Safety is everyone’s responsibility. It is part of everyone’s role to carry out risk assessments for their projects and their department, to communicate, cooperate, coordinate between all departments, be competent in work practises and always have contingency plans. 


All foreseeable risks must be assessed. Please be aware of any people who could be impacted by your work, any equipment used, the tasks being completed and the environment that is being worked in. All risk assessments produced must be suitable and sufficient for the project.




 This is to certify that Madeleine Wynn has successfully completed the following ScreenSkills      accredited health & safety training 2022


- Risk Management of Productions Delivered by First Option Safety Group 2022

- Tackling Harrassement and Bullying 2021

Safe Guarding for All in the Screen Industries 2023

- Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Awareness in the work place 2023

- Mental Health Awareness 2022

- Addressing Unconcious Bias 2021

- COVID 19 Guidance on Production 2021/22/23/24

- Confidentiality 2022


Although your production may provide you with guidance and  information, it is also your own personal responsibility to take precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19, using your knowledge of the latest government guidance and any instructions you receive from your production.  

You should be aware that there might be multiple sets of guidance if your production is sharing offices, locations, rehearsal spaces or studios with multiple users. You should consult with your production about the correct protocol to follow. 


Finally, you should also bear in mind that if other incidents or emergencies occur on your production, you should always prioritise overall safety. This might mean temporarily overlooking Covid-19-related measures, where relevant. For example, in the case of a fire, break-in or accident, people do not have to stay at a prescribed distance from each other if this is unsafe. 


                                             EQUITY DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION STATEMENT  


Dismantling racism and prejudice is the responsibility of our time.  In all areas of our work and practice, on or off stage, set or office we strive at all times to be actively anti-racist and inclusive, not passive in maintaining a system that is perpetuating pain and injustice.


We maintain that no one must be judged by skin colour, sex, gender identity, disability or age. No human must ignore, dismiss or invalidate another human’s experience.


"I’m for truth no matter who tells it. I’m for justice no matter who it is for, or against”  - Malcolm X


We engage fully in genuine solidarity and as bold allies with those who oppose injustice and as part of a force for decisive action and change, LASTING CHANGE.


“It falls to all of us regardless of our race or station everyday to create a “new normal” in which the legacy of bigotry and unequal treatment no longer infect our institutions and our hearts” - Barack Obama


We believe in reconciliation and healing through our daily lives, through our collaborations and connections, by producing responsible work in film and theatre, by encouraging and working with a diverse range of writers and practitioners and by taking positive action to represent and reflect society as a whole in order to empower a wider range of voices for all audiences everywhere and an appropriate reflection of our world.


A strong symbiotic society moves all of us forward.




We collect your personal information when you join our mailing list, participate in one of our projects, or make a donation to support us.


We only collect personal information that is essential to our business and which allows us to develop and promote our work, on and off stage. This information is obtained directly from you and may include: prefix and name, gender, email address, date of birth, contact phone number(s), or records of communications sent to you by the company or received from you photos, film and audio recordings of projects or performances.


Information will be used to: deliver information and process transactions with you, to improve the service we offer you, to understand how you want to be contacted. i.e. email, post, phone

contact you about what’s on, membership, news, and topics you’ve asked to hear more about.

It will be used to create mailing lists to share information about our upcoming work, notify you about practical issues that could affect your booking (like traffic problems or a change to our performance) and gather feedback from you directly or by survey




This policy outlines our practices with respect to information collected from people and organisations with whom we do business, who access our website, or otherwise share information with us. We receive information from sources such as:

• when you provide us with your details in order to discuss or conduct business with us

• when you use or access our website in connection with your use of our services

• from third-party providers, services and public registers




• non-personal information, where we are not aware of the identity of an individual, for example generalised information about businesses, markets, demographics, etc; aggregated usage and technical information gleaned from online activity, eg pages viewed, online browsing, clicks, actions; etc.

• personal information, which identifies an individual or may with reasonable effort identify an individual. this might include: personal information such as name, email or physical address; information from a device such as geolocation data, ip address, unique identifiers; and other information which relates to activity through our website or in the course of discussing or conducting business with us.




We may use the information for the following:

• communicating with you – information relating to discussing or conducting business with you, notices regarding our services, etc

• to share information with our associates and subcontractors in connection with our products and services to you.

• to market our services and products, and other services and products that we think may be of interest to you

  • for the purposes of hosting and operating our website, and for performing research, technical diagnosis or analytics.


We may disclose information if we have good reason to believe that disclosure of such information is helpful or reasonably necessary to comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request.


We will retain your personal information for as long as necessary to provide our services, and as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes and enforce our policies.




We take great care in protecting your information and take reasonable steps to safeguard information in our possession. However, we cannot be responsible for the acts of those who gain unauthorised access to it. If we become aware of unauthorised access, we will take all reasonable steps to alert parties whose data has been accessed, and to review our procedures and systems to determine actions necessary to avoid or prevent future occurrences.




You may request to:

• receive confirmation as to whether or not personal information concerning you is being held by us.

• receive a copy of personal information that you have provided to us.

• request rectification of any significant errors in your personal information that is in our


• unsubscribe from our mailing list/database at any time.

• request erasure of your personal information.

• lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.


However, please note that these rights are not absolute and may be subject to our own legitimate interests and regulatory requirements. If you wish to exercise any of the above rights or receive more information, please contact us. We reserve the right to charge a fee for providing such information, to cover our administrative costs in doing so.




We ensure that all staff working for us are full instructed and aware of:

• the general principles and requirements relating to data privacy, and the particular requirements of GDPR.

• the types of information that we will collect and hold in the course of conducting our business and in particular the difference between and the different requirements that apply to non-personal information and personal information.

• the specific systems and processes that we operate when we collect, manage, retain and delete data.

  • particular safeguards that need to be applied when sending data via physical or electronic means, and when storing or transporting such data.




This policy does not apply to the practices of companies that we do not own or control, nor to individuals whom we do not employ or manage, including any of the third parties to which we may disclose information as set out in this policy. However, we will take all reasonable steps to ensure that where we share information with associates and subcontractors in connection with our products and services to you, those associates and subcontractors have appropriate policies, systems and procedures in place which mirror the requirements and standards of our own policy.




Our website may use cookies to enhance user experience.Users may choose to set their web browser to refuse cookies, or to alert them as to when cookies are being sent. If they do so, it is possible that some parts or features of the website may not function properly.




In the event of a corporate transaction (e.g. sale of part of our business, merger, consolidation, etc) we may share information with the transferee or acquiring company, who will assume the rights and obligations as described in this privacy policy.




• We reserve the right to periodically amend or revise this policy. material changes will be effective immediately upon the display of the revised policy on our website.

• your continued use of the website and/or conduct of business with us constitutes your acknowledgment and consent of such amendments to the policy.






Equality & Diversity Action Plan









Success Criteria

















To ensure effective implementation and monitoring of the Equality & Diveristy Action Plan

Chair, Trustees and AD are aware of their respective responsibilities. Board of Trustees is able to proactively oversee the Action Plan. AD is able to regularly provide positive progress reports to the Trustees.   

Chair / Board of Trustees / AD

Up-dates at specified Board meetings; annual review at February Board meeting; agenda item at Board away-days



To ensure the composition of the Board of Trustees is diverse and inclusive

Trustee recruitment is in line with Charity Commission best practice. Board of Trustees is diverse and inclusive

Board of Trustees / AD / GM

Annual review to coincide with AGM; Updates and action at quarterly Board meetings



To ensure that appropriate equalitytraining is available to the Trustees.

Trustees are knowledgeable and confident in addressing diversity and equality issues

Board of Trustees / AD / GM

As required


Provision for training within Board Expenses budget line







To build on Astraes's track record to ensure that the programme of work is diverse and inclusive

A continuing commitment to diverse work in Astraea's commissioning and work produced in-house. An increased diversity of artists and programme across all events managed by Astraea. A focus on diversity in events surrounding the programme such as seminars and debates. Increased collaboration with diverse artists  with a view to developing their engagement with the sector.


Year round with high levels of activity during Astraea managed events.


Between 30-40% provision within the programme budgets for all strands of activity; 30% provision within Astraea Development budget;







To ensure that partner Artists and Arts Organisations reflect the diversity of the communities Astraea serves

An increasing number of artists from diverse backgrounds commissioned by Astraea. An increasing proportion of work at Astraea events produced by diverse artists and arts organisations.


On an annual basis in the period leading up to Astraea managed events and during events themselves



To ensure that Venues and Locations where Astraea events take place are as accessible as possible

Increasing diversity of attenders at events. Year on year decrease in the reported incidence of attenders experiencing difficulties accessing events


On an annual basis in the period leading up to Astaea managed events and during events themselves



To ensure that Service Providers comprehend and adhere to Astraea's Equality Policy

Astraea equality commitments are reflected in contractual conditions


On an annual basis in the period leading up to Astraea managed events and during events themselves



To ensure that Suppliers comprehend and adhere to Astraea's Equality Policy

Astraea equality commitments are reflected in contractual conditions


On an annual basis in the period leading up to Astrea managed events and during events themselves





















Partners cont.






To ensure that Statutory Organisations understand and acknowledge Astraea's Equality Policy

Reporting to statutory organisations contains extensive diversity and access information. Astraea's Equality Policy and practice are recognised by statutory organisations as good or best practice


Up-dates if changes to policy or practice are made. In annual reports and any other reporting and at review meetings



To ensure that Grant-making Organisations understand and acknowledge Astraea's Equality Policy

Reporting to grant-making organisations contains extensive diversity and access information. Astraea's Equality Policy and practice are recognised by grant-making organisations as good or best practice


Up-dates if changes to policy or practice are made. In annual reports and any other reporting and at review meetings



To ensure that Sponsors and Donors understand and subscribe Astraea's Equality Policy

Sponsors and donors are fully aware of and acknowledge support of Astraea equality commitments. Where possible when working with Astraea, sponsors agree to implement equality practice in line with Astraea's practice.  Where possible this is reflected in contractual conditions


In the period leading up to sponsorship agreements for Astraea managed events (including fundraising events) and during events themselves.



Service Users and Members of the Public






To ensure that all Astraea activities and events are fully accessible

Increasing diversity of attenders at events. Increased reporting of positive experiences. Decrease in the reported incidence of attenders experiencing difficulties accessing events.


In the period leading up to Astraea managed events and during events themselves



To ensure that all Astraea information is fully accessible

Increasing take up or use of information by diverse audiences. Increasing diversity of attenders at events. Decrease in the reported incidence of attenders experiencing difficulties accessing events


In the annual marketing and PR plan and in the period leading up to Astraea managed events and during events themselves



To ensure that Astraea implements an effective Outreach programme

Increased attendance at events by diverse groups and communities targeted though outreach activity combined with reporting of positive experiences.


In the period leading up to Astraea managed events and during events themselves



Employment Practices






To ensure that recruitment is conducted on an equal opportunity basis

Astraea staff recruitment is in line with NCVO 'Good Employment' practice. Posts are widely advertised and specify Astraea's commitment to inclusive working


For each post as required



To ensure that appropriate equality training is available to staff and other contracted employees

Staff are knowledgeable and confident in addressing diversity and equality issues


For each post as required


Provision for training in Administration budget line

To ensure that Astraea's Volunteer Scheme is diverse and inclusive and to ensure all volunteers receive appropriate equality training

Access to Astraea Volunteer Scheme is in line with Volunteering England best practice. Astraea's Volunteer Scheme is diverse and inclusive. Increased positive feedback from attenders about Astraea Volunteers.

Volunteer Coordinator / MM

In place for annual volunteer recruitment. Training for all volunteers prior to involvement in any event


Volunteer budget







To ensure Astraea monitors the effectiveness of the Equality Action Plan

Availability of monitoring information for reporting to Board and stakeholders. Regular review by SMT and Board.


After each Astraea managed event and in time for annual reporting and annual review by the Board of Trustees





















To ensure Astraea has in place an accessible and effective complaints procedure

Astraea complaints procedure is easily accessible through organisational information. Complaints are dealt with quickly, fairly and openly.


As required





















NVCO - National Council for Voluntary Organisations






AD - Artistic Director






GM -  General Manager






AP - Administrative Producer






MM - Marketing Manager






SMT - Senior Management Team





































Sustainability Policy


The following environmental policy has been developed by ASTRAEA PRODUCTIONS CIC as part of its commitment to lowering our carbon footprint and contributing to environmental sustainability. We ensure everyone working with us is aware of and subscribe to this policy as far as is possible. We aim to make small, simple and efficient changes that can be done individually yet create an impact. We encourage communication with all our collaborators and stakeholders and welcome ways to develop our policy further – however big or small. ASTRAEA PRODUCTIONS  is committed to reducing environmental damage caused by its activities and has produced the following objectives with this in mind.


Overall Objectives:


  • Reduce ASTRAEA’S resource consumption to reduce its carbon footprint (energy, water, creation of waste, use of pollutants).

-   Integrate sustainability into all areas of our planning, production, management decisions and actions.

-   Review regularly our environmental policy to ensure ongoing effectiveness.

  • Promote, as much as possible, environmental sustainability among our artistic partners, performers and    audiences.
  • Create project-specific environmental sustainability aims that are built into the project during the   preliminary stages, with a focus on identifying appropriate budget and management.

-   Integrate these objectives within our workspaces and on film sets and on-sites at performances.

  • Seek and share advice with other arts organisations and partners to ensure that this environmental policy is relevant and as up to date as possible.
  • Educate, train and motivate employees and freelances to conduct their activities in an environmentally

    responsible manner.

  • Minimise carbon emissions from travel and transport of team members, artists, audiences, participants and suppliers    
  • Use online eco-resources such as and review joining The Green Theatre Network.
  • Review becoming certified as a green promoter by signing up for the Industry Green certification programme. See for details.
  • Keep a clear, honest account of the practicalities of working with these aims, especially looking at: reporting and benchmarking through; money saved, work hours spent, energy saved.  


Home/Office based objectives



Working from four separate home offices – it is simple for ASTRAEA to minimise energy consumption. The following should be adhered to by employees and freelances as much as is possible.


-   When leaving your desk for a long period of time, switch the computer off.

-   At the end of the day, switch off all electronic devices not in use overnight.

-   Recycle paper and plastic.

-   Do not print documents or emails unless absolutely necessary.

-   Print in black and white where possible.

-   Send information electronically when possible.

  • If possible, go to work on foot, by bicycle or by public transport. If driving look to maximise journeys  i.e. using the car to remove recycling / lift sharing / transporting heavy goods.

-   If booking taxis, explore the possibility of using an eco-friendly company.

  • Explore possibilities of providing paper and plastic recycling facilities, providing tea towels instead of

    paper towels in the kitchens when on locations and tours.

-   Drink tap water and refill bottles instead of buying plastic bottled water.  

-   Buy recycled paper for the office.

  • Actions  such as minimising margins on documents will help decrease paper use when printing.


Production-based Objectives


  • Encourage increased use of low carbon forms of transport to venues amongst staff and audiences. Always  discourage driving and provide information on how to get to venues by public transport; if bicycle racks are provided; nearest bike hire stands if applicable. NB audience transportation is often the highest form of energy consumption for productions.
  • Find and make use of recycling facilities on site, or, if unavailable, find nearest local facilities and organise to take recyclable waste there at the end of each day (NB – good way to offset driving to a venue).
  • Continue to communicate this policy and support employees and artists to adhere to as many objectives as possible. Maintaining an ongoing eco-dialogue can be the most efficient way to reduce energy consumption.

-   Use as a resource for looking at greener possibilities for productions.

  • If hiring equipment, look at the possibilities of hiring from the same company and using local hire  companies to minimise transportation.

-   Encourage the re-use of materials for any new productions i.e. old costumes, set etc.

  • If building new sets or getting rid of old sets – explore the possibilities of using and/or
  • Look to minimise transportation trips to storage pre and post shows by effective planning of set and costume logistics.
  • To evaluate any steps taken towards environmental sustainability during and after the production, and  filming, in particular to ask for robust process assessment from technicians and performers.