ASTRAEA Productions raises money for film and theatre projects and aims to collaborate and cooperate with other companies. We would love to list your name as an Angel or Associate, and/or give you a credit or publicity on our projects.


The money you donate goes directly towards production costs whether it is renting film equipment, location fees, insurance, postproduction, distribution or theatre hire and costs of mounting a stage production.


All profits are ploughed back into the company for future productions.


The positive impact of the performing arts on people’s lives cannot be underestimated. The effect of the pandemic on freelance crew and creatives who have been hit hard, many falling through the cracks of government compensation schemes, is ongoing. Yet, as we re-evaluate our future in light of our economy and national well-being, more than ever the value of art and culture will be integral to the psychological health of our communities. 


Creative Industries are worth approximately £111.7 billion in GVA (Gross Added Value), £35 billion more than the automotive, life sciences, aerospace and oil and gas industries combined. It grew by 2.7% in real terms over the 2017-2018 period compared to 1.4% rate of growth for the economy as a whole.


ASTRAEA Productions is determined to continue to produce and create and, with your help, play a part which will provide benefit and continued growth, further connections and build partnerships for the arts.




MERMAN is our current new short film
 "a well imagined, poetic and important film." 
- Professor Benjamin Zephania
"... a tight and evocative script."
Hugh Bonneville
THANK YOU to everyone who made this film possible



Thank you to The Mercury Theatre for such generous support and assistance.


Thank you to ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND for our R&D funding.

This grant allows us to work on new collaborations and diversify our audience outreach.

Following our ACE funded R&D rewrites to the play are now underway and a producer is being sought for an East Anglian tour. 



If you would like to make a donation and find out more please contact us.